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Factors to Consider in An Air Compressor

  • How often is the compressor used and how it is used?
  • Short list in-plant compressed air application. Make a list of equipment in the plant Consuming compressed air and expected air flow                requirement in ‘CFM’ and the required pressure in ‘PSI’.
  • Consider the duty cycle of your compressors as most compressors are not meant to run all the time.
  • Decide on the size/capacity of the tank. The more use of equipments means the need for larger tank. Choosing a larger tank then the need      will ensure optimum use of the Compressor.
  • Consider 10% more capacity of the compressor to compensate the air misuse or leaks and pressure drop in the system.
  • Decide on the continuous run style or start-stop style compressor. ( A compressor that runs continuously, but only compresses air as per        demand OR a compressor that fills the tank and stops until low pressure signals a start).
  • Consider the accessory which is to be installed with each compressor.
  • Other consideration should be maintenance, life expectancy, trouble shooting (also know the manufacturer’s network), repair costs, etc.