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Recicomp reciprocating compressor is a positive displacement compressor that uses pistons driven by a lever to deliver gas at high pressure. You can make use of this application in oil refineries, gas pipelines, chemical plants, natural gas processing plants and refrigeration plants.


The Reciprocating Air compressors are designed for optimum efficiency with minimum maintenance cost to meet the requirements of clients. While manufacturing the products we maintain a  proper understanding of the specifications and requirements like air quality, temperature, power source, size, and mobility. Other important parameters for air compressors are air flow, pressure, efficiency, and operating costs.


Certain other essential features that are installed in the reciprocating air compressors in order to make them one of the best products that the customers like are :


  • Recicomp air compressors are fitted with driers that remove the condensation created during compression.
  • Recicomp air compressors have coolers that lower the temperature of the compressed air.
  • Recicomp air compressors are available with polyester or paper filters that remove oil, dust,vapors, and other debris.


    With continuous changes in Engineering, the specifications are subject to change and new improvements are made with respect to new requirements of the clients. The product is made using a good quality material that has longer life and durability. Reciprocating Air Compressors are made by Recicomp need very low maintenance cost when compared to other similar products available at higher prices in the market.


    Huge choice of quality air compressors and its accessories are available with us, all at great prices!



    • Two - stage air compressors are designed for Medium Pressure Application.
    • Made of heavy duty components to give the maximum performance.
    • These compressors are having two different size cylinder bores.
    • Robust overhung design crankshaft for reliability & easy maintenance.
    • Solid end connecting rods, highly thermal efficient inter cooling..
    • Totally reliable splash lubrication & balanced V-type construction for smooth vibration free operation.
    • Hydro tested air receiver…
    • Efficient cooling to ensure operation at higher ambient temperatures of up to 50 deg C.
    • Forged steel crankshaft supported at both ends for higher dynamic stiffness.
    • Aero dynamically designed fan with larger blades for higher air flow.
    • Totally enclosed belt guard for utmost safety.
    • Long life of motor due to no-load starting ensured by built-in unloader.
    • Efficient air filters to ensure clean intake air for long service life.
    • Low expansion aluminum alloy piston with international standard piston rings for positive sealing at elevated temperatures.
    • Convenient oil sight glass and oil drain. Optimal operating speed for longer service life.
    • Stainless steel valves for lower wear and tear and lasting compression efficiency.
    • Complete with standard accessories available in vertical/horizontal type.